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Murder Case, Irrefutable Evidence of Falun Gong's Inhumanity

BEIJING, December 16 (Xinhuanet) -- A murder uncovered recently by
Beijing police has revealed more irrefutable evidence about the
inhumanity of the notorious Falun Gong cult, headed by Li Hongzhi.
On November 25, 2001, a Falun Gong practitioner ruthlessly killed
his father and wife, and badly injured his mother at his parents'
home in Xicheng District of Beijing.

After receiving a report at 17:55 that day, police immediately
rushed to the scene and were horrified by what they saw: bloody
floor, walls, doors and corridor, a woman (later identified as
the killer's wife) with many knife wounds in her face and arms, and
two elderly people (later identified as the killer's parents) lying
in pools of blood.

Fu Yibin, 46, the suspect, was captured on the spot, and the
injured rushed to hospital.

Police seized the kitchen knife used by Fu as well as his bloody
clothes at the scene.

Postmortem examinations carried out by forensic medical expertsat
the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau show that both Fu's
father and wife died of acute hemorrhagic shock and from head
injuries caused by repeated stabbing by a sharp weapon (like a
kitchen knife) in their faces, necks and arms.

Fu, who began to practice Falun Gong in 1998, confessed to the
police that he stabbed his father and wife to death and injured his
mother with a kitchen knife at his parent's home after "realizing"
that "they had to depart."  

Police discovered Falun Gong recordings and video tapes and
Fu'sdiaries at his residence.

Fu said, when he began practicing the Falun Gong Cult, he thought
he had found the right way to escalate himself to an advanced level
both spiritually and physically. He no longer thought about anything

His family members, including his father and mother, thought they
had persuaded him to stop practising Falun Gong. "I lied to them
when I said I would not practise Falun Gong any longer, but actually
I did not stop at all," said Fu.

Once Fu even beat his mother when he thought she was haunted
by evil spirits.

He thought himself to have become a 'real man'. "A 'real man' has
no feeling, only the spirit of universe," he said, adding people
have to discard love to "upgrade" themselves.

Returning home from his mother-in-law's home on the afternoon of
November 25, Fu found three red apples on a table. "The three apples
mean that three people have reached their 'completion'," Fu thought.
At about 5 pm the same day, he and his wife went to his parents'
home. He sat on the sofa watching Television programs, and his wife
chatted with his parents.

Fu said, at that time, he seemed to hear a voice telling him "It
is time..... to kill the three people in front you."

Fu said at first he was shocked by thinking of killing his beloved
wife and parents, but minutes later, he went to the kitchen, took a
kitchen knife and started his vicious murders.  

Fu said he killed his father and wife to save them from the "sea
of bitterness", give them a "real life" and send them to a "land of

He even said that there is no difference between stabbing his
father and his wife, and stabbing a cat or dog. He also said that he
had done the right thing from the viewpoint of Falun Dafa.

Fu did not think that he violated any law and said "it is the
first time I have killed someone, and there will be three more times
in the future."

Fu used to be a very kind man and a good son and he used to have a
happy life, according to his neighbors. However, Falun Gong had
turned him into a selfish and cruel man.

The Falun Gong cult controls practitioners spiritually, bringing
on evil hallucinations, says Shi Hua, a scholar of psychology.
Bewitched by Falun Gong fallacies, many Falun Gong practitioners
lose their ability to judge between reality and illusion, Shi noted,
adding this sometimes results in harmful behavior by Falun Gong

Neighbors of Fu's parents say they have seen with their own eyes
how Falun Gong have killed people, and hope for greater efforts by
the whole society to root out the evil cult.

To date, Falun Gong cult has caused more than 1,700 deaths in the
country. Enditem

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