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Rumor on Hunger Strike by Falun Gong Practitioners Refuted

Rumor on Hunger Strike by Falun Gong Practitioners Refuted
                The rumor about the hunger strike carried on Masanjia
                Reeducation Institute has been completely denied as "absolute
                nonsense" by local former Falun Gong Practitioners.
                It was lunch time in the Masanjia Reeducation Institute in
                this capital of northeast China' s Liaoning Province, a place
                famous for its success in reeducating over 90 percent of the
                1,000 female Falun Gong practitioners it has accommodated.
                The big and well-lit dining hall was packed with inmates
                eating their meals, which consisted of meat, aubergine,
                potato, pickles and rice.
                Zhang Yanli, a former Falun Gong practitioner from Huludao
                City, said the food here is much better than she had expected.
                "The diet is colorful and we have different food for three
                meals a day," said Zhang.
                When asked whether the recent rumor spread by U.S. Falun Gong
                practitioners that over 130 inmates here were on a hunger
                strike was correct, Zhang refuted it as "absolute nonsense".
                Deputy Head of the institute Sun Fengwu was also puzzled and
                angry. "How come they have started such a big rumor from
                In the dormitory, Li Xiuqin, having had a cold for several
                days, was alone in bed while others were still out dining.
                Since she had no appetite, instructor Su Jing had asked the
                chef to make something special for her.
                In the visiting room, inmate Sun Guizhen was meeting with her
                husband, daughter and grandson. Fifty six-year-old Sun was put
                into the institute for disturbing the social order last
                "The past for me is like a nightmare," she said, "each time I
                see my husband, daughter and grandson, I regret having
                followed Falun Gong. How pleasant it is to be happily together
                with my family like now."
                Sun's daughter said the family members have all set their
                hearts at rest after finding out through several visits that
                the situation in this institute is quite good.
                Sun and her family later had lunch together in the guesthouse
                of the institute, a place providing accommodation especially
                for those coming here to meet their relatives or friends.
                Equipped with a color television and other facilities, it
                looks no difference from any other ordinary hotel.
                In front of the dormitory on the square stands a flagpole.
                Every Monday morning, like most Chinese units everywhere, a
                flag raising ceremony is held with all of the institute
                members present.
                Inmates here also have different kinds of entertainment like
                basketball, volleyball, and various cultural activities. They
                can also watch television every evening and on weekends.
                "We watched the announcement of Beijing's successful bid for
                the 2008 Olympics on television," said inmate Liu Shuwen, "we
                were all very happy for Beijing and very proud of our own
                Instructor Su believed that the facts speak for themselves and
                the rumors are just rumors.
                The fact why the rumors arise is just because most of the
                inmates at the institute have learned about the cult nature of
                Falun Gong and the evils of Li Hongzhi through reeducation, Su
                The institute has therefore often become the target of rumors
                by certain ill-motivated people.
                However, she affirmed that no matter what rumors there are,
                reeducation efforts for these former Falun Gong practitioners
                will continue. "We will never let those evil attempts come
                true," she said.
                (People's Daily 08/30/2001)

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