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Falun Gong Follower Killed by Fellow Practitioner

Falun Gong Follower Killed by Fellow Practitioner
                A 35-year-old woman follower of Falun Gong was killed by her
                fellow practitioners for trying to break away from the cult,
                headed by Li Hongzhi, early this year, according to local law
                enforcement department.
                Evidence indicates that Wei Zhihua was killed mercilessly last
                February by more than ten Falun Gong followers including her
                own husband Lan Shaowei, who believed her mind was infected
                with "evil " and needed to be cured with doctrines from Li
                Hongzhi's books.
                After Wei's death, the practitioners, with collective efforts,
                concealed the truth, produced fake evidence and kept the case
                hidden for months before a fellow practitioner told local
                police about the truth in July, judicial investigation has
                A witness, who also took part in the action, confessed that on
                February 19 Lan and other followers bound up Wei's hands and
                feet and then they read aloud Li Hongzhi's doctrines to get
                rid of the "evil in her mind". As Wei struggled and shouted,
                they sealed her mouth and nose in spite of her strong
                "Wei was struggling at first and cried that she does not want
                to be disciple of Li Hongzhi anymore, so they sealed her mouth
                and nose to stop her," said the witness.
                Then the practitioners read aloud until Wei eventually ceased
                struggling and fell into coma.
                The Falun Gong followers present were excited at Wei's coma
                and one of them, named Ouyang Jie, yelled, "it's O.K., the
                evil is removed," the witness recalled.
                However, Wei never awoke. Medical staff indicated that she
                were dead due to respiration failure.
                Police investigation revealed that Wei, once a firm follower
                of Falun Gong, cast doubt on Li Hongzhi's doctrines after her
                beloved mother-in-law, also a pious practitioner, died last
                year because of refusing to see doctor for illness, as
                instructed in the doctrines by Li Hongzhi.
                After that, while still practicing Falun Gong, Wei often
                doubted if it was really right. Later, she began to curse Li
                Hongzhi and condemn him for not saving her mother-in-law.
                Such things greatly angered other followers, who believed she
                was controlled by "evil" and the local leaders of the cult
                decided to eradicate it in accordance with what Li Hongzhi
                requires in his books.
                Wei's death caused a tremor among other practitioners in
                Shenzhen, a well-off coastal city in south China's Guangdong
                Lan and his confederates made an instant report to Xu Xian,
                their superior in the cult with the alias "Da Shan", who told
                them time and again not to admit that the death has anything
                to do with Falun Gong in case police get to know about it.
                "If the people know about the true story, they will at once be
                clear about what kind of things Falun Gong actually is," said
                Li Yan, an activist involved in the case.
                The participants were instructed to conceal the facts and they
                conspired to make identical confessions to deal with the
                possible police investigation, investigation showed.
                (People's Daily 09/20/2001)

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