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Truth on "Falun Gong"

                "I've Finally Come Round From A Nightmare"
                -- Former Falun Gong Practitioner
                "Thanks to the sincere help of the government and people from
                all walks of life, I've finally come round from a nightmare,"
                said Wang Bo, a former Falun Gong practitioner.

                Wang, 40, used to work as a public servant in Yantai, a
                coastal city in Shandong Province, before being sent to
                receive labor education in November 1999 for taking part in
                illegal activities misled by Li Hongzhi's heresy.

                After nearly two years of reeducation, she admitted she has
                finally realized the essence of the Falun Gong cult and Li
                Hongzhi 's true colors.

                She listed Li Hongzhi's tricks and denounced the Falun Gong
                cult in an interview with Xinhua.

                "Li asked us to think little of 'reputations, interests and
                feelings' in his book, which made me terribly estranged from
                my family members," she said.

                "Li intentionally made himself up in his pictures so as to
                appear sacred to his followers and cheat them into worshipping
                him as a god," she continued.

                "Now I understand the purpose of his preaching that the more
                one reads his book, the more one will be purified is to
                brainwash Falun Gong followers and dominate them spiritually."

                "Li repeatedly said that practicing Falun Gong has nothing to
                do with politics, but again and again he seduced the
                practitioners to make turmoil in society and violate the law,"
                she said.

                "I have undergone a tough psychological process of severing
                ties with Falun Gong, and I finally made it," she said.
                (Xinhuanet 07/26/2001)

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