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Scientist: Falun Gong complete superstition

Scientist: Falun Gong complete superstition

Falun Gong is absolutely superstition, not a science, a Chinese scientist has said.

Wang Yusheng, a research fellow in natural sciences with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), made the remarks in response to the puffery about Falun Gong in a Chinese newspaper published in the United States.

The newspaper recently carried an article titled "Not Superstition, but Profound Science," bearing the names of some Falun Gong practitioners at CAS. It claimed to be a "scientific paper" with a dozen references.

Wang said that it is really too bad that the newspaper commended the cult, and the paper used words even stranger than science fiction to demonstrate the "profundity" of Falun Gong.

Li Hongzhi, the founder of the cult, has said that there are second and third layers of our universe, and he said he himself represents the top layer, while all other human beings are rubbish that have fallen to the Earth; and the Earth will burst on a regular basis.

Wang said that Li Hongzhi does not know the physical and philosophic meanings of the universe at all and cannot provide any evidence for the "other space" theory.

Li denied all the achievements made by Copernicus, Wang said.

The article provided names of some Falun Gong practitioners at CAS in a move to spread its "scientific theory."

According to the article, biological death represents the end, but in fact it is just a natural diversifying process of evolution, Wang said.

Scientists have never claimed to know all the answers, but they have opened a way to know about the truth through practice. Darwin's theory of evolution and other theories on the origin of the human beings are already enough to bury Li Hongzhi's ideas, regardless of the fact that they are absolutely untrue, he said.

The article said that it is completely reasonable in scientific terms that the practice of Falun Gong can lead to immense changes in the human body, but it did not say how, Wang said.

Instead, he added, it is a known, sad fact that Falun Gong has claimed a large number of lives, destroyed many families and caused social instability in China.

Wang also emphasized that the cult is a new horror, a most serious harm to people's political and spiritual rights and a profanity of human civilization.

He expressed his hope that people will not take part in inglorious political activities in the name of a cult, and that the media will be a voice for justness.

(Xinhua 2000/05/03)

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