Remarks by H.E. Xu Feihong, Chinese Ambassador to Romania
at the Farewell Reception


Respected Prime Minister Viorica Dancila,

Respected Ministers, MPs,

Your Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen!

On 24 January 2015, my wife and I came to Romania, a country known as 'the Corner of Heaven'. As time flies, we have already spent three years and four months here, and the mandate is about to be completed.

The tenure of office in Romania constitutes the most wonderful experience of our diplomatic life. My wife and I are fascinated by George Enescu's 'Romanian Rhapsody', often immersed in sweet memories of the time when we walked along the riverbanks of Dambovita and beaches of the Black Sea, and enchanted by the Romanian unique history and charming culture. We love Romania.

Dear friends, my profession tells me that I must put aside the parting sadness and come back to office.

Three years and four months are short, but quite substantial for us. We have experienced many historical events in China-Romania relations.

The two Presidents met at the UN General Assembly, our Prime Ministers met at the ASEM and China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) summits, the two countries' legislative bodies and political parties maintain close contacts, China-CEEC Political Parties Dialogue was successfully held in Romania.

The mutual trade volume rises from 4.75 billion to 5.6 billion US dollars. China General Nuclear Power Corporation signed with the Romanian Nuclearelectrica Group a memorandum of understanding on the nuclear project. The cooperation on the other major projects has been steadily advancing. The Centre for Dialogue and Cooperation on Energy Projects 16+1 is hosted by Romania, and the first China-CEEC energy ministerial conference and fair were held here last year. China has started to import Romanian frozen pork meat and alfalfa grass and opens the door for more Romanian agricultural products.

In China, Romania opened its Cultural Institute and held the fantastic 'Treasures of Romania' Exhibition. Here in Romania, the Confucius Institute and Chinese language classes have been vigorously developed. The Chinese Embassy sponsors the 'Chinese Ambassador's Scholarship' and have held two awarding ceremonies. The Chinese Cultural Institute in Romania is preparing for Inauguration.

The happy events are always encouraging, and I will never forget our major investment projects are still under way, expecting tangible and cheering results. We need join hands together to work hard with enterprising spirit to make the cooperation operational at earliest time.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and the centennial of Romania's Great Union. Next year will come the platinum jubilee of China-Romania diplomatic relations, the 15th anniversary of China-Romania comprehensive partnership of friendship and cooperation, and the EU Presidency for the first time by Romania. Both China-Romania and China-EU relations are facing sound opportunities. I am confident that we will seize these opportunities to strengthen strategic coordination and make more exciting cooperation. Collaborating on the platforms provided by the Belt and Road Initiative, China-CEEC Cooperation, China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership, we can make our ties strengthened and our friendship blossom.

Dear friends, over the past three years and four months, my wife and I have officially visited 22 Romanian counties. The colourful Carpathian Mountains, the charming Black Sea, the picturesque Danube Delta, as well as the Romanian splendid culture and history have deeply impressed us. Romania has rich tourism resources which are very attractive to travelers all around the world, including China. Last year, the Romanian Government simplified the visa formalities for Chinese citizens. This is a very important and positive measure to facilitate people-to-people exchanges. I highly appreciate this decision and express sincere gratitude to the Romanian authorities on behalf of my government. I am fully convinced that our relevant government departments and personalities will waste no time to promote tourism cooperation to a new level. And the strong commitment of mine and the Chinese Embassy to the China-Romania people-to-people bond will remain unchanged.

We have met with quite a lot of people of various circles in Romania, making a great many friends. We can feel the intimacy and sincerity from them all the time, without a little bit of psychological distance. They are our best and most respectful friends. We will miss them and keep the friendship with them deep in our hearts. These close friends have even made us take Romania as home and almost forget that we have been in a foreign country.

Here, please allow me take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the Romanian government officials, businessmen, academics, researchers, journalists, cultural and NGO activities and so on for your precious and timely support and assistance to me and to my Embassy. It is you who have paved the way for the continuous progress of China-Romania relations and helped me do my job dutifully.

I would want to thank my fellow colleagues from the diplomatic corps as well. It is my great honour to work with you here in Romania, sharing unforgettable experiences and enjoying the beautiful moments.

The Chinese community are not big, but very energetic. I highly appreciate your promotion to the mutual trade and investment cooperation and look forward to your greater contribution to China-Romania relations.

I would also thank my embassy colleagues for your hard work and determination to support my duty as well as your professional dedication to the advancement of the relations with Romania.

Finally I would present my heartfelt thanks to my wife, Mme Tan Yuxiu. Romania is the fourth country for her to accompany me and she stayed with me in Afghanistan, making the hardship a pleasant episode for life. It is her interactions with the Romanian Women's Organisations and ambassadors' spouses that make our diplomatic life more lively and full of fun.

My wife and I will depart from Romania in ten days, taking home with many warm memories. We will start our new work and live in China, but will never forget our friends here. To say good-bye, may I quote Mihai Eminescu's famous poem to express my best wishes to Romania:

What I wish you, dear Romania,

Land of peerless glory and bold aspiration:

Nervous arms, the weapon of strength,

To your great past, a great future!

May China and Romania enjoy great prosperity and China-Romania friendship last forever!

Ambasada Republicii Populare Chineze în România