Next Generation Internet into Commercial Application


The National Development and Reform Commission will initiate a range of special projects to enhance the development and commercial application of next generation internet technology, in a bid to spur up the deployment of new internet technology in China, achieving the following objectives:

1) Network development and user population: major trunk network and 10% of the metropolitan area network will support the application of IPv6; preparing a plan for the smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6, allowing inter-network web browsing between IPv4 and IPv6, and securing an IPv6 user population exceeding 8 million.

2) Business applications and terminals: 100 major commercial portals will become IPv6 supported, encouraging government agencies, municipal government, enterprises, institutions, and telecom companies to make their websites or new services IPv6 supported. Meanwhile, the new fixed or mobile internet terminals shall be technically IPv6 supported.

3) Technology breakthroughs and associated industrialization: accelerate the smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6, enhancing the study, test, and demonstration of new network architecture and technology, mastering the core and key technologies, and establishing a solid standard system. Network users shall see an annual drop of energy consumption by 8%, and the network equipment manufacturing industry an annual drop of energy consumption for added value per RMB 10,000 output by 3 or more.

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